Fun Tips for Creating A DIY Dog Den  in Apartment Living Rooms

Posted by Karina Martinez on Sep 7, 2016 9:49:02 AM

Our pets are truly important and valued members of our families....we love them, and cherish the time we spend with them.  That's why today's posting offers valuable tips on expanding our circles to include our dogs and other pets in our most-used spaces....like our apartment home living rooms!

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Five Best Leash-Free Dog Park Tips for Apartment Pet Owners

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on Mar 30, 2016 12:57:40 PM

Ready to take your dog out and enjoy a fun day out in your apartment community, leash-free?  No worries!  In today's posting, we are offering five easy-to-practice leash-free dog park tips for apartment pets.

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Guide to Natural Pet Wash Ingredients for Dogs in Apartments

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on Jun 9, 2015 11:00:47 AM

In the Summer months, we want to get active with our dogs.  Walking, running, and just fooling around with our dogs means one thing.....frequent if not regular baths!  In today's posting, we're offering our very own NREDpets Guide to washing your dog with natural ingredients that won't harm or cause side effects.

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8 Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Apartment Pets During National Pet Month

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on May 5, 2015 8:08:05 AM

May 2015 is officially National Pet Month! It's time to remember all the unconditional love, companionship, joy and fun times our pets bring into our lives and our homes.

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NREDpets Guide to Great Leash Etiquette for Apartment Pet Residents

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on Mar 31, 2015 2:06:37 PM

Ever been walking your dog in a crowded park, or in your apartment community on a busy Saturday morning?  Trying to balance your dog's active nature with safe navigation through non-pet parent groups and families can be hard......

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Eight Health-Related Reasons Apartment Pet Owners Should Pick Up Poop

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on Mar 18, 2015 8:18:01 AM

The challenge of appropriately disposing of pet waste in apartment communities around the U.S. is huge:  approximately one in two apartment residents owns a pet, and many of them own dogs and cats.  In today's NREDpets posting, we're going inside some important health-related reasons to pick up that poop, and pick it up every time, every day!  It's part of responsible pet ownership, and it is not a good fertilizer!

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10 Ways Apartment Pet Owners Can Treat Pets for 'Love Your Pet' Day

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on Feb 18, 2015 10:45:38 AM

Did you know that virtually every home in the U.S. has at least one pet?  February 20 is National Love Your Pet Day!  In today's NREDPets posting, we're looking at ten ways you can treat your pet and show your love for your animal family members!

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Five Popular Pet Grooming Apartment Amenities for 2015

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on Jan 29, 2015 11:23:00 AM

From pet spa decks, to 'woof' grooming retreats, and special pet-friendly bathing areas.....pets and pet grooming amenities designed especially for their use will be huge in apartment community planning, building and leasing for 2015.  In today's NREDpets posting,  we're looking at what we feel are going to be some of the most popular pet-grooming amenities for this year. 

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Seven Great Birthday Party Ideas for Apartment Pet Residents

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on Jan 28, 2015 8:24:31 AM

According to a National Pet Owner's Survey done in 2010-2011, in which 1, 019 pet owners were surveyed, 50% celebrate their pet's birthday with a party or event, and 79% celebrate by giving their pet a gift.  Looking for pet-friendly birthday ideas for your pet's human and canine friends?  No problem, NREDpets has you covered!  In today's posting, we're looking at seven ideas for celebrating pet apartment residents and their birthdays!

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Topics: Pet-Friendly, Apartment Living

Eight Must-Have Amenities for Apartment Pets in 2015

Posted by Tamara DeLaFuente on Jan 19, 2015 11:47:48 AM

Our pets are important residents within our apartment community.....they add so much joy and value to the lives of their families, and deserve to be considered when evaluating a new or current apartment home.

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